We know you have a passion for your business. You work hard every day to communicate your brand image . You're always innovating, thinking of new ways to do business and push your industry forward. Your tenacity and creativity are powerful and you want to share this passion with the world; but where do you start?

Here in MIMA we believe that together we can provide unique experiences that immerse people in their favorite music. Together, we can work towards setting your brand apart from the rest and provide the community with something that will have them talking for weeks and will have them remembering for a lifetime. When you sponsor a MIMA event, you may not only change the way people look at your brand, but change people's lives through the power of community and music.

How we can work for you:

  • Advertising -  Sponsoring an event will put your brand in front of thousands of college students and more through print and web advertising. 
  • Unique Brand Exposure - Set your brand apart through engaging and interactive sponsorship opportunities through one of our many shows throughout the year.
  • Fun - You take your business seriously, but who doesn't enjoy a little fun? Join us at the event. put a face behind your brand, either at a booth or simply as a guest. 


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